I have selected several examples of drama I have directed. The menu in the left column navigates to various dramas I have filmed in a variety of countries. In some cases I have been able to give information about the prodution including location, budget and distribution. Please note, most of the dramas were produced and directed in foreign languages working through interpreters. 

Working with one of Beijing’s acclaimed film directors, Jian Xiou Long, and Hollywood screenwriter Tad Callies, I developed a twenty-six part drama series called Golden Dove. Full treatments were written for the first five episodes, with stand-alone plots for the whole series. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled during pre-production due to lack of funding.

Also in China, I was the Executive Producer of a four-hour Christmas mini-series called Season of Hope. The series was a co-production with Hua Yi Production Company, shot on location in Beijing. In cultural Chinese fashion, the program told three stories; 1) Scrooge – A contemporary business woman haunted by her past, 2) Santa Claus – A Chinese Santa kidnapped by a German toy company, 3) A rowdy English language class (complete with rock band) who are given the assignment of organizing a nativity play. This was a comedy series directed by Greg Francis. I am trying to acquire a copy of the video to put on the site.


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