Reality Television

A quarter of a million miles on Northwest Airlines was the frequent flyer reward for the many trips I made to Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan from 1995 to 1998. During this time I initiated and produced a TV series for Global Television Syndication called Cross Culture Club. The initial series was a co-production with CCTV (China Central television) and NHK (Japan). 

The reality style was a labor of love, very experimental and long before reality programming became very popular. I developed the series for franchise in Asia and produced pilot programs in India and Singapore.

Using a lot of hand-held techniques, depth of shots, colorful lighting, exciting music and cutting edge editing, the series took shape during the first few episodes. Once the format and style was set, my camerman Mike O'Neal headed to Beijing with me to teach the crew there how to shoot the complementary Chinese segments. As you'll see in the clips, the segments documented the lives of two American young people and two Chinese young people over the course of a full year. Each episode demonstrated the similarities facing young people today, contrasted by the polarities imposed through culture and opportunity. More than 50 TV stations across China agreed to air the series. 


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